Marl 5 x Cecelia Campochiaro

CL Marl 5 x Cecelia Campochiaro pairs CL Merino 4 and CL Silk Mohair 1 in unique color options developed by Cecelia specifically to highlight the fabric of IBE, one of her newest designs. The combination of 100% merino extrafine superior imported from Italy with 40% silk / 60% kid mohair imported from Japan creates a knitted fabric with a precious hand, soft halo and excellent drape.

Unlike our other CL Yarns, CL Marl 5 x Cecelia Campochiaro is pre-wound in ready-to-knit balls of 400 yards/364 meters. Please note: the quantity indicated when ordering reflects the number of 400 yard/364 meter balls to be purchased.

Click the box below to preview and select a color. When choosing a color, please remember that color accuracy varies by display. All CL Yarn is final sale.