The Marl Project

The unique flexibility of CL Yarn - the fact that knitting weights are built from individual strands - makes our yarn particularly well-suited to marling. This characteristic was highlighted by Cecelia Campochiaro in the introduction to her magisterial book, Making Marls*. We had the pleasure of working with Cecelia to develop marls for two projects, Strauss and Martin, both in her book. A second, extended collaboration resulted in eight marls for one of her newest designs, IBE . This collaboration inspired our own Marl Project, which Cecelia graciously allowed us to launch with the original eight colorways for IBE. A limited edition of Strauss and Martin Kits will follow along with an expanded collection of marl colorways.

*Chroma Opaci Books, Sunnyvale CA, 2020; p.2. 

CL Marl 5 x Cecelia Campochiaro

The Marl Project launches with CL Marl 5 x Cecelia Campochiaro, which pairs CL Merino 4 with CL Silk Mohair 1. This particular mix of merino and silk mohair creates a knitted fabric of great versatility that has a precious hand, soft halo and excellent drape.

The color palette was developed by Cecelia to highlight the texture of the Sequence Knitting fabric she used for IBE.

Cecelia's palette ...

cl marl 5 x cecelia Campochiaro
Colors shown left to right: flames, burnish, bark, blush, deep, mist, rhodon, argent


... and the fabrics they create for IBE:


The pattern for IBE is available from Cecelia's Ravelry Store.