CL Yarn

Four yarns made from natural fibers of unsurpassed quality dyed in a consistent color palette. Handknitting weights are created by building a strand with multiple singles of the same yarn or by mixing different yarns in the same strand. CL Yarn is custom prepared for each order.



100% merino extra fine superior, imported from Italy. CL Merino creates a knitted fabric with a precious hand, soft drape and excellent stitch definition; it mixes beautifully with silk mohair and silk.
Colors shown left to right: fez, venezia, vintage, byzantium, shy


Silk Mohair

40% silk / 60% kid mohair imported from Japan. A gossamer halo of kid mohair is wound with a lustrous silk core to produce CL Silk Mohair. The result is a silky cloud-like fabric when knit alone and an added lightness and soft halo when mixed with other yarns.
Colors shown left to right: shadow, storm, nebbia, watermark, whisper



100% cultivated silk imported from Italy. Whether knit alone or mixed with another yarn, a fabric created with CL Silk has a crisp hand, superb stitch definition, a characteristic shimmer and liquid drape.
Colors shown left to right: peacock, black violet, raisin, cardinal, brocade



100% royal baby alpaca imported from Peru. A micron count comparable to cashmere and a lustrous silky drape, CL Alpaca produces a cozy, elegant knitted fabric with a gentle halo and mixes beautifully with silk mohair and silk.
Colors shown left to right: night, raisin, peacock, cardinal, brocade


The Inspired Knitter

From its inception, the unprecedented and unique flexibility of the CL Yarn collection has been embraced by knitters and designers alike, allowing them to re-think completely their approach to yarn choice and garment design. We hope the example of our custom preparation and yarn mixes will inspire knitters to create a personal collection of CL Yarn from which to build their own yarns at will.
CL Yarns shown left to right: merino, silk mohair, silk, alpaca; all shown in peacock.