The Marl Project Part 2 - Martin and Strauss by Cecelia Campochiaro

The unique flexibility of CL Yarn - the fact that knitting weights are built from individual strands - makes our yarn particularly well-suited to marling. This characteristic was highlighted by Cecelia Campochiaro in the introduction to her magisterial book, Making Marls*. Two projects in her book - Martin and Strauss - feature CL Merino. We are privileged to have worked with Cecelia to develop the marls for these designs and are grateful for the opportunity to offer them now as kits.

Martin and Strauss are both generously-sized scarves and are both worked in a sequence knitting pattern, yet each exemplifies a different expression of marls.

*Chroma Opaci Books, Sunnyvale CA, 2020; p.2. 



Worked with two colors, one darker and one lighter, Martin exploits what Cecelia calls a “complex gradient marl": half of the scarf stripes the darker color with gradient marls; the other half stripes the lighter color with the same gradient marls. The average color value moves from the darker to the lighter end of the scarf.




Strauss is also worked with a darker and a lighter color, but with a different approach to marling. Cecelia describes Strauss as “an ultimate marl bridging pattern with one long span.” The scarf begins with a marl heavily weighted toward the darker color and moves incrementally to end with its opposite, a marl similarly weighted toward the lighter color.


Martin and Strauss Kits

Kits for these two scarves are available only by pre-order and only through midnight (PDT), June 30, 2022. Kits will begin shipping July 10 and will be batched by design and colorway.
Each kit includes a printed copy of the pattern and enough yarn to complete the project prepared in pre-wound, ready-to-knit balls that are clearly labeled to match the pattern directions.

Along with the original high-contrast colorway featured in her book (night + porcelain), Cecelia has chosen three additional color options for our kits: a low-contrast cool neutral (storm + watermark), a high-contrast warm neutral (vintage + shy), and a medium-contrast wear-with-everything cool blue (bocciablu + bluenote).

night + porcelain


storm + watermark


vintage + shy


bocciablu + bluenote