To convert yardage requirements for the CL blends in our older patterns to a current CL Yarn mix, use the chart below to identify the components of the original blend. When purchasing the CL Yarn components, purchase the full yardage requirement in each of the component yarns.

For example, to convert a yardage requirement of 1400 yards of CL VI #6B, identify the CL Yarns that corresponds to CL VI #6B. The yarns that make up this blend are Alpaca 3, Silk 2 and Silk Mohair 1. Thus 1400 yards of the original blend requires 1400 yards of each of these three CL yarns.

When you purchase, you will be purchasing exactly the same yarn as the original blend, but as its separate components rather than as a single yarn. When you check out, you will be able to indicate how you would like to have the yarns prepared, either wound individually or combined into a single strand.

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