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To wash a finished garment knit with bespoke yarn, hand wash only using lukewarm water and a gentle cleaning agent with a neutral pH. Do not use a non-rinsing wool wash. Soak the handknit for several hours; do not rub or twist the knitted fabric or agitate the piece in a washing machine. Rinse it well several times in lukewarm water, changing the water each time until it remains clear when the piece is submerged. Press or squeeze out as much water as possible without twisting or wringing the fabric and dry flat. Allow the piece to dry naturally and thoroughly before storing or wearing.

We strongly recommend the use of blocking wires to return the garment to its original shape and encourage you to stretch the knitted fabric gently and evenly as you pin the piece to the blocking surface. When using this method, remove the wires and pins once the fabric is thoroughly dry, but leave the piece on the blocking surface overnight to relax before storing or wearing it.

bespoke hand knits should not be dry cleaned, nor should they be blocked using steam or an iron.

Variations in water quality and composition may cause a reliable cleaning agent to produce unexpected results in different water. The washing method and cleaning agent must be tested on a generously-sized swatch of the knitted fabric before washing the piece itself. Catherine Lowe, LLC cannot accept responsibility for any damage to pieces made with bespoke yarn caused by mishandling or improper treatment while cleaning or caring for the piece.

We take distinct pride in our yarns and have spent years sourcing these noble fibers and developing them into handknitting yarns. We hope you enjoy working with them and wearing your bespoke handknits for years to come.

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