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bespoke Silk #4

black silk
black violet silk
bronze silk
cardinal silk
peacock silk
raisin silk

100% cultivated silk imported from Italy. Whether knit alone or mixed with another yarn, a fabric created with our silk has a precious hand, superb stitch definition, a characteristic shimmer and liquid drape.

bespoke Silk is custom prepared for each order and sold in increments of 100 yards/91 meters. The quantity indicated when ordering reflects the number of 100 yard/91 meter units purchased. To determine how many units to order , divide the total yards required by 100 (or meters by 91) and round up the result to the next whole number. Use this number to indicate the purchase quantity. When the order is prepared, the total purchase will be wound into as few large balls as possible, not into individual balls of 100 yards/91 meters. For the knitter, this will mean many fewer yarn joins within a single garment piece.

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