Both the Couture and Simple Couture Collections showcase the techniques, fit and attention to detail that exemplify Catherine’s definition of couture knitting. The designs in the Couture Collection will usually exploit more intricate construction techniques, often making them into design details that are the focus of the garment. The designs in the Simple Couture Collection, launched in 2008, are casual and uncomplicated, but no less refined. They rely on the same construction techniques as the Couture Collection, but work them in a way that underscores the collection’s minimalist aesthetic.

All of the designs are intended specifically for use with Catherine Lowe Couture Yarns and this is reflected in the pattern directions. To learn how these yarns differ from traditional hand-knitting yarns and why the substitution of other yarns may have a considerable effect on the look and fit of the finished garment, please read more about them on the yarn page.

Patterns for the designs featured here are available as pdf downloads; click on each design for garment information, materials required and to purchase the pattern. Because of the detail with which the pattern directions are written, with the exception of accessories, the patterns are sold by size, one size per pattern.

The Couture Collection


Fiesole / Coat

Fiesole / Jacket

Bodywrap I

Headgear I

Headgear IV

Neckwear IV

Winterwear IV

Babygear I

Simple Couture

Simple Couture 2.01

Simple Couture 1.02

Simple Couture 4.01

Simple Couture 4.01.1

Simple Couture 4.01.2

Simple Couture 4.01.3

Simple Couture 4.02.1